Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Vision and Rewriting the Vision Statement Research Paper

Vision and Rewriting the Vision Statement - Research Paper Example An advantage of this vision statement is that it clearly defines the objectives of this institution, which are to enable students to achieve a career in the marine industry and help its students learn how to study. The second vision statement is from PennState College of Education â€Å"to be a world leader in the integration of teaching and learning, advancement of knowledge base through research and scholarship, and leadership in service and outreach† (PSCE, 2012). This vision statement is inspirational. It also clearly states the objectives of the learning institution in its goal to promote learning among its students. The third vision statement is from City College of San Francisco â€Å"providing an affordable and unparalleled learning experience in a supportive and caring environment that lead student successfully complete their goals† (CCSF, 2012). Just like the second vision statement, this one is also inspirational and clearly defines the objective of the insti tution, which is to enhance a learning environment to promote learning. A shared vision encompasses goals of various departments. Shared vision created by learning organization should be short but detailed. The partnering learning institutions face a challenge in making the vision short and detailed. The reason for this is that the shared vision statement must state future goals of each of the departments involved. The other challenge when creating shared vision comes from conflicting future goals and objectives of different departments of learning institutions. This makes it difficult to state all of them in one vision statement. The challenge of precision and content can be overcome by using the general future goals of the departments in the learning institution. Frequently, these general goals are either similar or closely related and thus, merging them into a single statement becomes easier. The vision statement I rewrite in this part is â€Å"providing an affordable and unparalleled learning

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