Sunday, February 9, 2020

Design a Flowchart for a Process Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Design a Flowchart for a Process - Essay Example If such a thing happens, the wins come from the bucket. The machine is designed in such a way that is able to keep the payout bucket filled automatically in the course of a play. After the payout bucket becomes full, silver dollars are then deposited in the second bucket that handles the winnings. The winnings bucket is usually periodically emptied in order for the winnings to be claimed from the casino. The flow chart that I have drawn shows the internal movements of the coin and the activities that take place externally that are controlled by the player. The machine is usually programmed in a manner that in case the payout bucket empties, the lights on the top side of the machine flash and the machine stops and that notifies the personnel in the casino that there is a person who has worn by emptying the machine. Most casinos usually size their payout buckets so as to ensure that the occurrence of winning is rare. If we perceive the payout bucket to be a buffer for silver dollars th at usually helps in the automatic running of the machine (Kari, 1999). A payout bucket that is small will mean that a casino will require more personnel that are required to attend to the machine and that will also create more time that the machine will be idle as a result of lack of silver dollars. ... Buffers that are large usually help the process to be more independent which is contrary to buffers that are small that would require more attention (Hemp, 2002). Factors affecting process design The design of the slot machine is usually affected by a number of factors. The factors include the following; 1. Size of buckets- the buckets that are used in the slot machine usually affects the running of the process. The buckets should be sized in a manner that there will be no much flow of personnel and that will cut on the costs. The cost that will be cut will include the cost of hiring new personnel and the cost of transporting money to the bank. The other factors include the risk factor that is associated with the transportation of money from the casino to the bank. 2. The flow of people into the casino- the functioning of the slot machine will be largely affected by the number of people that flow into the casino. The flow of people will affect the level of operations that will happen in the casino. That means that the income or revenue that accrues from the slot machine is directly affected by the flow of people (Menor, 2000). 3. the management of the slot machine or casino is also a critical factor that affects the way people will view the casino r the business that is been run in the casino. Metric measure The metric used to measure the effectiveness of the process is observing the number of recipients and matching it with the amount that is collected from the income of the casino. That is used to measure the effectiveness of the process and that will ensure that incase there is a complication it will be noted. Flow Chart for the process Yes Loose No Win No Yes Key Task or operations Storage areas or queues

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