Thursday, November 21, 2019

ASSIGNMENT WEEK 4 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

ASSIGNMENT WEEK 4 - Essay Example Religion, to a certain extent, provides moralistic principles to regulate the harsh effects that business can introduce to the society (Chewning 201). It is important to note that morals are significant to have a humane way of handling business operations. The Chapter 17 of the book, on the other hand, focuses on social responsibility as stewardship. There are four stakeholders that are given emphasis when it comes to being responsible in business: the customers, competitors, community and environment. There is a need to note that fairness, when it comes to business, must thrive to ensure that the benefit derived is mutual. Fairness is one of the things that is being emphasized in this chapter. There should be a reasonable treatment whenever business deals are done; whether it is a single entity, a group of people, or an abstract being like the environment that exists in the reality. There should be sensitivity and care for others whenever there is engagement in business. Chapter 18 presents another aspect of business: justice and the world’s wealth. The chapter focuses mainly on morality (Chewning 222). It shows that there is nothing wrong in having personal wealth as long as there is a responsible manner of ownership towards it (Chewning 225). There is also a need to share wealth that is one of the moral principles of the Bible, especially, when one is a devout practitioner of the Christian faith (Chewning 223). Democratization is also one of the aspects that has been delved into, since there is a need to implement corrective measures in the manner of handling business (Chewning 227). There is also an aspect wherein sharing the wealth throughout the world is emphasized to ensure again that there is fairness and equality in terms of economic goods (Chewning 228). The last part, Chapter 19, focuses on the biblical absolutes in the world of change. This chapter focuses mainly on the ethical aspects, the moral manner

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