Thursday, November 28, 2019

10- Essential Facts about Weight Loss Medication Essays - Health

10- Essential Facts about Weight Loss Medication Introduction Managing weight has remained one of the greatest concerns of Human Beings since ages. They have employed different scientific and natural techniques to overcome this problem but remained unsuccessful. They have also tried different types of diets but in vain. For the last few years, this problem has reac hed its peak and inclined Human Beings to think about this problem seriously. It has emerged like a disease no wadays . In the past, the problem was not much common because of pure foods and healthy activities. But, now a day, the impure and fast foods and unhealthy activities have given birth to this menace. People are using different medications to get rid of this disease. It is mandatory for everyone to understand some facts about these medications before going for these. Following are some important facts about weight loss medication to be kept in mind: 1- Only good for over weighted The very first and the most important fact to keep in mind is that these weight loss medications are not suitable for the persons who are little overweight. There have been some recommended levels of obesity to be prescribed for these medicines. Usually a person with BMI 25-30 is considered overweighed. An overweighed person does not need any medicine if his weight is not causing serious health issues to him. A person with only a few pounds of excess weight is recommended to take exercise and intermittent fasting to get rid of excess weight. Body Mass Index is the rule set to know over weightiness. 2 - Not Good for Pregnant Women It is an observed fact that weight loss medications are not suitable for pregnant women or those who are attempting to get pregnant. Almost all the medicines contain stimulus to increase heart rate to burn more calories and this increased heart rate is not good for the fetus. If extremely necessary, pregnan t women are advised to use contraception along with weight loss medication. Food and Drug Association does not recommend any weight loss medication to be taken during pregnancy. They even consider dieting a harmful practice for the fetus. Weight increase is natural to pregnant women for the growth of the fetus and this type of obesity sheds after the delivery. 3- Health Benefits are Greater than Results Almost all the weight loss medicines can decrease weight about 5-10 percent. But, keeping in view its positive effects, it is a great gain. This 5-10 percent weight loss can be helpful in control of many diseases like high blood pressure, blood cholesterol, and blood sugar. These medicines alter the functions of Mitochondria, the power house of cells, and force the body to burn more fats. It is also a fact that these medicines prove more effective if taken along with dieting and regular exercise. 4- Both Dieting and Exercise Needed for Long Lasting Results For gaining long term results in weight loss management, medication alone cannot fulfill needs. These should be taken as an additional supplement along with exercise and controlled diet. Doctors recommend eating less Protein and Fibers to gain results because these contain higher calories. Intermittent fasting is a very good technique to be employed because it is also a form of dieting. These medications should never be considered substitute for diet and exercise. 5- Too much Side Effects It is a proved fact that all the chemical medicines have side effects and same is with these medicines. Almost all the weight loss medicines come with certain side effects. These side effects may include increased heart rate, high blood pressure, indigestion, seizures and many others. For exampl e Qsymia may increase heart beat and Contrave is known to be the cause of seizures. There have many serious cardiovascular events happened which discourage the use of such medicines. However, a medicine with herbal contents is most recommended because of less or no side effects. 6- Role of Doctor Increases Over Time The role of Doctor cannot be neglected in weight loss management. There are many weight loss medicines available in market but it is your doctor who has to recommend a certain medicine for you. A doctor usually gives

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