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Ethical Issues Regarding The Development Of The Information System

Question: What Is the Development Issues of the I T System? Answer: Introduction The report is prepared for a group of ten hotel chains which have decided to merge their business for meeting the increased competition in the market. The hotel chain have the requirement to install an information system to record the current business activities and generate a report for the organization. A prediction theory is required to be applied for the decreasing the price and increasing the efficiency of the current business process. The effect of the competition in the market and the future demand is required to be analyzed for the development of the information system for the hotel chain business. The information system is required to be developed for gaining more profit and maximize the revenue of the hotel business chain. The report consists of a proper planning that is required to be made for the development of the system and the issues associated with the emerging technology are analyzed for the preparation of the report. A short balanced analysis report is prepared for the development of the information system. Requirement analysis For the development of the information system the requirement of the organization is required to be analyzed and the documented for starting the development process. The information system required to be developed should be integrated with the information system of the hotels included in the hotel chain. The information system is developed in such a way that it can be used for managing different operations like: A customer loyalty scheme called StayTogether Loyalty will reward customers with airport transfers, car parking on site and free nights. If a kitchen and standard restaurant is on site, buffet breakfast and dinner is included in the hotel room price. This is to add to the dollar value earned per guest. Exclusive restaurants on site will charge extra. 3. If travelers arrive by selected airlines, rebates are given. Customers can choose credit for free nights or meals. A corporate social responsibility programmer to allow customers to nominate the charity where they want the chain to donate to. 1% of their total (billable) expenses will go to this charity. Definition of the information system and its significance for the hotel industry The information system should also be able to handle different types of operations that would give competitive advantage to the organization such as: Transaction Processing: The payment made by the customers when booking the hotel and on checking out is required to be recorded in the database of the organization. The payment given to the employees and the payroll processing system can be embedded in the information system for managing the employees records as well. ERP system: It can be integrated to reduce the number of human errors occurs due to wrong entry of data in the information system (Hsueh, Chen Chen, 2014). It can be used for resolving the problem associated with the accounts department and help in increasing the efficiency of the current business process of the organization. Management information system: the historical data associated with the business like fetching the customer records for providing loyalty schemes and is also required to be integrated with the information system (Al-Hiyari, AL-Mashre Mat, 2013). The information system is required to be broken down into functional modules according to the requirement of the project before starting the development process. Support System: It can be used to trouble shoot the problems faced by the users such as the receptionist of the different hotels to have a live chat with the technical staffs for resolving the problem immediately (Bajdor Grabara, 2014). The support system should also serve the customers using the system for book hotels from the chain of hotels and make the system efficient and serve its client 24 x 7. Listing and identification of the business rules A set of business rules is required to be implemented and aligned with the information system for working according to it and help the organization to gain competitive advantage in the current marketplace. A customer loyalty scheme is required to be implemented for attracting more number of customers using the service and the system multiple times. For implementation of the customer loyalty scheme the information system should have records of the customers used the system. The system is also required to be able to generate coupon and codes for providing the customer different facilities according to their loyalty analyzed form the previous records. The information system is also required to record the service and the facility provided by the hotel and combine the service and the facility to generate higher dollar from the business (Ahlan, 2014). For example the if the hotel have restaurant service the dinner and the breakfast service is included in the hotel charges as complementary service and this helps the system to generate more revenue from the business. The airline companies can be included in the system as a stakeholder for promoting their business. The customers using the hotel service can be given special discount or rebates on selected service if they use the airline service of the airline included as the stakeholders of the information system (Davenport, 2013). This would attract more number of customer and help in growing the business in a larger area all over the world. The developed information system can also include corporate social responsibility such as allowing the customers to pay a percentage of their payment to the charitable trusts enrolled with the information system. This helps to increase the corporate social responsibility of the customer and also have a positive effect on the customer regarding the business. The manual system can be eliminated and the information system can be implemented to automate all the operation of the business and increase the efficiency of the current business process. The database of the system is required to be designed to eliminate the data redundancy and respond to the querry generated by the user (Amran et al., 2014). The tables of the database is required to be created for recording all the records necessary for running the business process. The tables should have a primary key and foreign key for joining the table and provide an appropriate result. The security of the data residing in the information system is also required to be considered for the successful development of the information system. Key information requirement for gaining competitive advantage in the market The information system is the key requirement for the business to gain competitive advantage and for the development of the system. The number of users using the system is also required to be considered for the development of the system and the interface of the information system is required to be kept simple such that the user using the system does not face any difficulty while using the system (Kayani Nadeem, 2015). All the information of the different hotels should be gathered and inputted in the information system such that it would be easy for the customer to fetch the details of the different hotels from the information system (Enck et al., 2014). The hotels can also be managed from a single point with the deployment of the information system and thus provide the management team easily manage the different operations of the hotels. It is important to have all the records of the hotel included in the hotel chain and include all the necessary feature required for proper manageme nt of the business operations. Use of Intranet and extranet in within the hotel chain The internet and the intranet can be used by the hotel chain business for engaging stakeholders from different sub regions and communicate with them form increasing the efficiency of the current business process. Use of Internet: internet can be used in the hotels for increase the efficiency of the information system and include more informations like recording the booked rooms of the hotels. The internet is required to link the information with the online system and update the tables of the database for managing the client request (Angreeva, Mazhar Maximova, 2014). The access of the internet is required to be provide to the selected employees and they should be tracked because misuse can lead to leakage of the organizational information. The internet helps the client to fetch details about their status of booking and emails can be sent to the customer providing them updates and offers for increasing the customer relationship. Use of Extranet: For linking the chain of hotels extranet is required to be used because it is more secure than the internet because external users cannot use the network. The information of a hotel can be shared with another hotel using the extranet and it is easy to manage (Dwivedi et al., 2013). The customers and the staffs involved in the business process of the hotels can increase the efficacy of their communication by sharing different files and information and reduce the risk of data hacking and secure the network. The services required for managing the information system can be configured and the authorization for accessing the service can be added such that the trade partners can have access to the shared information. Use of Intranet: Intranet is used as a private network for the hotel chain and the permission of this network is provided to the selected staffs of the organization. The internal IT components and service are managed using the intranet and it is used for working collaboratively such as teleconferencing with the business executives (Kim, Lee Ham, 2013). It can also be used to access the public network using a firewall and screen the incoming and the outgoing messages which are a part of the extranet. The benefit of using the intranet is increasing the workforce productivity of the organization and increase the efficiency of communication with the stakeholders of the organization. Strategies required to be followed for managing the merging of the different hotels The change that happens inside the association because of the usage of the data framework can be overseen by utilizing the methodology, which include: Creation of a security plan: It is especially critical to acknowledge and additionally execute the progressions that have happened because of the usage of new data framework inside the association (French Terrazas 2013). It is very imperative for the association to bring up the focal points and in addition disservices of the adjustment so as to examine the budgetary return of the association. Selecting opportune individuals: It is very vital for the association enlist individuals that are knowledgeable about the field of Information System. Experienced part can work easily with the new framework and accordingly, the different operations of hotel chain business are not hampered (Kayani Nadeem, 2015). It is additionally critical for the organization to prepare the current staffs so they can deal with the new data framework successfully and in addition legitimately without confronting any issue. Making right arrangement: It is difficult to actualize the change without having successful arrangement. In this manner, the organization must make appropriate arrangement for actualizing the progressions in various stages (Hidayanto et al., 2013). The execution of legitimate arrangement helps the association to deal with the progressions that have happened because of usage of the new data framework inside the hotels selected for merging. Picking up endorsement: The arrangement must be displayed as report to accomplish different sources of info and for opening up the arrangement before for getting elective proposal (Wilms et al., 2014). It is very vital to incorporate different proposals before making the last arrangement as it helps the association to deal with the change appropriately. Go into action: After the usage of the arrangement, it is particularly critical to lead appropriate normal gatherings with different colleagues of the association. This helps the organization in dealing with the change legitimately. Ethical issues regarding the development of the information system There are number of moral and in addition security issues that may emerge with the presentation of data framework among the different partners of the hotels. The distinctive sorts of ethics and also security issues include: Hacking of secret information: The hacking of classified information incorporates individual data of the understudy, money related and additionally operational information of hotels included in the hotel chain (Reiter, Fettke Loos, 2013). Hacking of any of the information can prompt number of issues, which are related with the moral issue. In the event that any individual data of the understudy is released then the understudy will endure which is considered as a moral issue. Abuse of monetary data: The budgetary data of the understudy is put away in the database of amid online exchange. In the event that the budgetary data or information related with the fund are released then the understudy will be endure (Kuperman, Gardner Pryor, 2013). Any data with respect to the operations or exchanges of the association likewise brings number of moral issues for the association. Conclusion From the above report it can be concluded that with the implementation of the online information system the hotel chain business would be benefitted and gain the leading position in the current market place. The merging of the hotels and working together can help them to compete against the low priced hotels. The users can use the website developed by the StayTogether hotel chain to look on the rooms and the service offered by the different hotels included in the hotel chain. The user also have the advantage to compare the price of the different hotels and choose the right hotel suited for them. The creation of the information system and the website for all the hotels included in the hotel chain decrease the investment cost and increases the efficiency of the current business process. It also helps the hotels to eliminate the cost of managing the website and track all the business operations from a single point. References Ahlan, A. R. (2014). Implementation of input-process-output model for measuring information system project success.Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science,12(7), 5603-5612. Al-Hiyari, A., AL-Mashre, M. H. H., Mat, N. K. N. (2013). 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